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Each Date Matters!

lets go down the memory lane and think upon some important dates down the line

1. This day is recognized as World Student Day. Name the date?


2. World Teacher’s Day is celebrated on?


 3. International Day of Peace is celebrated on?


4. When is Malala Day celebrated?


5. On this day,World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated. Identify the date.


6. Our favourite Pi (3/14) Day is celebrated on?


7. Human Rights Day is celebrated on?


8. A significant day in the history of India, Indian Constitution Day is celebrated on?


9. International Day of Non-Violence is celebrated to commemorate a great personality. Identify the date.


10. International Literacy Day is celebrated on this day. Identify the date.



1)October 15   2) October 5   3) 21 September   4) 12th July   5) April 23

6) March 14     7) December 10   8) November 26   9) October 2   10) September 8




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