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My Experiments With Truth

My Experiments with Truth is the autobiography of Mohandas K. Gandhi, covering his life from early childhood through to 1921. The book covers his journey from a shy, timid child to the father of the nation

Written originally in Gujrati, by the greatest legend , Mohandas KaramChand Gandhi, and later translated by Mahadev Desai, the book revolves around Gandhiji’s life and the struggles he faced before independence. The story begins with Gandhiji’s childhood in Porbandar where he did his schooling in one of the local schools. At the age of 13, he got married to Kasturi Bai who stood by him through thick and thin. Gandhiji goes on to study at Samaldas College, where he quits and decides to become a barrister and practice law for which he decides to go to England for three years. Upon a lot of insistence, his mother finally agrees by taking three vows from him, ‘not to touch wine, meat or any woman’. After completion of his studies, he decides to return to India.

Gandhiji’s luck with Indian Law did not go that well which out his entire career in Jeopardy. He decides to move to South Africa and practice law and with his non-violence tactics, Satyagraha and various other movements and make a name for himself.

Gandhiji’s book accurately reflects how he believed in truth. To him, his only goal and intent in life is to find truth. He strongly believes that truth is God and worked his entire life on that thought. This book gives out a strong message to every reader, to never take a detour from their path, to always stick to the truth of life.


What makes this book worth reading?


1. A legendary and most popular person like Gandhi in his own words giving about the experiences of his personal life and an account of various events which occurred during independence struggle at that time will create a lot of interest among the people to read this book. Those who want to know history of Indian independence struggle, by reading this book they get a first hand information from a person who actually lead the struggle from front.

2. In writing this book Gandhi hide nothing the information that can reach the people whether it is good or bad.He was harsh on himself in admitting his mistakes as well as the ways he used to correct his mistakes. This sincerity or honesty of this great person had an influence on increasing the value of this book.

3. An average ordinary person who is shy even to mingle with others how he became 'Mahatma (great soul)' in the eyes of the people? How this simple person with his magnificent power of attraction able to bring millions of people together to fight against British?To know the answers for these questions one has to read the autobiography of M.K. Gandhi.

4. The simple and lucid style of his writing will help the readers to understand things easily. The various events and incidents which he experienced during his life time he put forth in this book in a very interesting way. These experiences enrich the reader with the values and principals followed by Gandhiji during his life time. Gandhiji used to practice anything before he actually preach to any body. This principle that Gandhiji followed throughout his life brought millions of admirers to him to unite and fight against British.

5. Readers can experience the values of spiritualism, truthfulness, non-violence, self realization etc. from the illustrations he made in this book. From Tolstoy form experience in South Africa, Gandhiji realized that the young can be trained only through spiritual training. Spiritual training helps to mold the character of an individual. Without character building there is no value for education in young. Similarly in Gandhiji's opinion Truth is God. Through truth only self-realization occur in a person. The experiments on truth that Gandhiji carried throughout his life for the purpose of this self-realization only. During independence struggle Gandhiji preached non-violence to people which became a weapon in achieving independence to India.



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