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Significance of Entrepreneurial Education

Each one of us are gifted with different traits and weakness, a different mind-set to do different things at its most extreme way. And from thousands of traits, one is being an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneurial, one must have a different mind-set, and that mind-set needs a proper guidance to prove themselves. And here educational institutes plays an important role to enhance their inbuilt skills. Now, UDGAM started to uplift the start-ups.

Have you ever wondered what makes an Entrepreneur Business-minded?

It’s no secret that individuals with entrepreneurial skills think and act differently. Entrepreneurs have a business-minded approach and ask challenging questions. They challenge and approach the entrepreneurial setup in very distinct yet creative ways.

An entrepreneurial mind needs the right guidance and direction at very early stages in life to be able to grow and taste success. This is where the role of educational institutes comes in. A good educational institute not only provides basic education to the students but also fosters their growth by imparting entrepreneurial education in them. Such an institute recognises business-minded individuals with an entrepreneurial behaviour at initial stages and separates them from the crowd. It familiarises budding entrepreneurs with the necessary skillset and attitude a true businessman possess. A top-of-the-line institute provides entrepreneurial education so diverse and insightful that each student gets adequate exposure and information essential to succeed in this ever-so-dynamic start up ecosystem.

While entrepreneurship is the financial ingredient of an economy, entrepreneurship education, a constant learning process, is the main ingredient that supports and cultivates the entrepreneurship ecosystem worldwide. A central point of modern-day education, entrepreneurship is the capacity to not only start a new venture but to also think ambitiously and introduce out-of-the-box ideas to the existing business world. Entrepreneurship not only helps in the growth and development of an individual but also helps to generate jobs and smoothen the process of financial cash flow in an economy. Thus, many knowledgeable businessmen, educators and economists believe that fostering a healthy entrepreneurial culture will maximize individual and collective economic and social success globally.

Progressing through all levels of education, entrepreneurship education recognizes aptitudes and builds the talent pool of an economy. To build a network of qualified and competent aspirants in a professional circuit, this form of education channelizes their energies and ideas towards national growth and development.

Entrepreneurial education provides school and college going students with adequate knowledge, skills and motivation to encourage entrepreneurial development and success in diverse settings.

It provides the achievers, makers and cutting-edge thinkers a chance to grow. It streamlines their thoughts and ideas and provides their actions the right direction.

Education aimed at entrepreneurial success facilitates students to indulge in interesting educational activities and provides them insightful information and experiences to help them discover numerous entrepreneurial opportunities available at hand. This form of education provides individuals with the expertise required to effectively start and successfully manage their own businesses and cross all hurdles that come in their path of success.

In the existing entrepreneurial scenario, the survival of the fittest theory stands true as ideators face several difficulties to setup their business ventures. The world of startups has become a competitive warzone with hurdles overpowering ideas and hampering achievements.

The biggest problem an entrepreneur faces is that of constraint of resources to grow and sustain an idea in the competitive business environment. While an innovative idea is important, what is equally important is the availability of resources for its execution and conversion into a successful business venture. Few other challenges faced by young entrepreneurs include:

  • Fierce Competition: Severe competition has converted the marketplace into a battleground. It is responsible for obstructing the growth and survival of startups nationwide.
  • Raising Finance: Considering the present scenario of the business world, financial management is the biggest challenge for startups today. Startups majorly rely on the financial backup they get from investors and other sources to become at par if not better than their competitors.
  • Project Evaluation: Selecting reliable investors and getting the right valuation is essential for every startup.
  • Research: Gathering primary and secondary data and doing a thorough research before preparing and executing a business model is essential.
  • Effective Marketing: one of the biggest challenges for any startup is to devise an effective marketing strategy to attract target audience and create a buzz around the product or service in question.

It is in these challenging situations that quality education on entrepreneurship empowers startups to grow. The mention of the term entrepreneurial education brings us to a relatively new yet popular entity UDGAM, which extends a helping hand to the entrepreneurs in the making. Since its inception in 2015, this new kid on the block has worked tirelessly towards its sole motive of encouraging and nurturing the startup culture nationwide. UDGAM aims to nurture, grow and sustain startups to visibly contribute to the economy.

UDGAM provides a dreamer - a chance to grow!

It provides incubation facility as well as angel funding to prospective entrepreneurs. This entity not only recognizes young talent but also provides them the necessary financial and technical guidance and support right from handling legal and accounting aspects to office space management and funding. UDGAM additionally provides ideators an opportunity to study a 6 week Course on Entrepreneurship and sign up for the country's best Incubation Program at Gurgaon and Jaipur (Residential) which lasts from 4 to 6months.

To nurture and promote a brilliant business idea, UDGAM assists a budding entrepreneur at all stages right from planning and effectively presenting an innovative idea to capital funding, networking, mentoring and providing the necessary infrastructure for growth and success.

Get mentored, incubated and funded with UDGAM to see your startup reach screeching heights!



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