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Simple Examination Hacks

Exam time is terrifying and with so much to pay attention at we end up mostly messing things up Beat Exam blues by following these simple examination hacks.

Students, you may now begin answering your paper’ says the invigilator, and from the moment the exam begins till it gets over seems like eternity. The brains are jammed with all the information, hands at the ready - it’s time to get it all out. But, only when you are sure can you get it all out on the paper, be it any kind of subject. Thus, to make examinations look like a piece of cake, follows these hacks and get through every examination like a boss!

Look back into the past:

This holds good only for examinations. Go through the previous past years test papers and practice them carefully. Understand the pattern of the paper and prepare accordingly.

Get the right glance :

Once you get the question paper in hand, go through it carefully. Read each and every question and plan your answers accordingly. Start with the strongest section first, then move on to the next.

Set your clock straight:

As soon as you are done going through all the questions, set a time frame for each question and stick to it. If you exceed the time limit, go to the next question and come back to the unfinished questions once the paper is over. Also, leave some time at the last to go through the entire paper again. This might save you some grade

Water: The elixir

Have a water bottle near you and have a gulp of water every few hours. This will keep your head and body calm.

Give it a shape:

Before you attempt on any question, especially the essays, it is always better to structure it out in your head before you begin writing in on the paper. Remember, a strong start and a strong conclusion will help you go a long way.

Go for more:

Once your paper has been completed, don’t stop it at that. Proofread your paper once again, see if have not missed out on any answers or diagrams . Underline the important points.

Presentation matters:

Yes, the way the paper is presented matters a lot. Make sure all the important points are highlighted, diagrams are included. Handwriting also matters a lot.


Exams? No need to worry. They are never designed to trick you. Every exam is an exercise of the brain. Properly exercised shall give the right results. So no more brain freeze or fingernails going non-existent, Enter the exam hall with all the confidence and come out with flying colors. All the best!




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