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Traditional or Virtual Classrooms: the choice is yours!

As its 21st century and world is known for technology now. You will find each and every thing on internet. Joining hands with technology our education system has also emerged stronger in this phase. With an alternative of online classes readily available, education has made itself accessible to the seekers around the globe. Students can choose their type of education class in which they are most suitable i.e. Traditional or Virtual classrooms.

With the advent of technology and an increased use of the internet, education these days is not restricted to classroom teaching alone. It has spread its reach to the masses through the world of internet.

Prevalent in several parts of the world, traditional classroom teaching is a conventional classroom setup concerned with the teacher leading and controlling the learning environment. In this setup teachers are decision makers and are solely responsible for imparting quality education to all students.

A virtual classroom, however, is an online learning environment. It is an online classroom that facilitates students to communicate with each other and prepare, present and view presentations, videos and other study material online.

Also referred to as online education, virtual education is the future of learning. It has been observed that computer-supported learning through technology such as interactive whiteboards has made access to interactive online content quick and convenient.

With its distinct features of easy accessibility, convenient sharing and prompt interactions, online education has changed the face of education globally. This form of education facilitates a new student- teacher relationship which advocates a learner-centered approach.

A virtual classroom setup is tailor-made to suit the needs of the student. In online education, educators can provide study material to students through multimedia resources, course management applications and the internet. An innovative revolution in modern-day education, virtual education has changed the face of education worldwide. Different from the traditional face-to-face classroom teaching, online education is instant and provides effective teaching. However, to develop online teaching further, it is essential to refer to the traditional teaching methods that emphasize on increasing interactions and building an emotional connection between the students and teachers.

Virtual education can also develop an emotional connect between students and educators. This can be done by incorporating emotional elements in the online education resources while designing online classes to encourage a student`s emotional participation.

Lately, it has been observed that several students are flocking to online classrooms because of the increased advantages of online learning which are:

  • Financially viable: Online educational courses are cheaper than the ones available in traditional education.
  • Freedom to learn by choice: online education provides you the freedom to study any course conveniently on your PC or laptop. Traditional education also provides the choice to opt for the course you like, but that may involve traveling away from home, shifting your residence and struggling to cope up with the ever-so-dynamic learning environment.
  • Comfort of learning from home: unlike the traditional classroom setup, eLearning saves you the time and effort taken to commute and reach your educational institute. All study material is available online for convenience sake.
  • Learn at your own pace: Online education promotes the self-paced system of learning. For increased understanding it is essential for students to learn and progress at their own pace.
  • Increased interactions: This facility of online classroom teaching empowers students to interact with hundreds of other students and educators from across the world.

Education – be it traditional or virtual is education after all. It is one’s biggest key to success. Thus, it is essential for students to opt for the educational setup that best suits their requirements.



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