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Now a days, parents are more worried about their child’s education, they search on each and every school site, standing in queues at schools, they talk about their neighbours etc. But now we have a dedicated platform for school search with us, Studyapt provides all essential information about schools to parents in all over India. This is a school search engine which empowers schools to reach out to the parents all over and helps parents to make an informed decision for their kids by accessing information on schools across India.

Parenting is an ever-so-demanding challenge that lies ahead of every new parent. A precious yet mind racking experience, parenting demands raising your child with utmost care and attention. What’s treasurable, however, is seeing your eye candy grow in a safe and congenial environment. In such a situation learning from a renowned institute takes precedence and demands parents to search for the best in education.

As a parent gathering information about schools together with working six days a week can be an extremely tiresome task. Standing in those never ending queues to get relevant and reliable information about schools spread out nationally is the most dreaded dream of a parent.

Worrying about raising a child well and giving him umpteen exposures is one aspect of parenthood. The other equally important aspect, however, is providing the child with highest quality education from a renowned educational institute. It is a treat to your eyes when you see your toddler grow up to become a successful individual battling the world to carve a distinct identity that’ll stay with the child forever.

Every parent yearning to provide the best of everything to the child must understand that the parent has an equal share in the growth and development of the child. It is essential for each parent to indulge in the crucial task of striking a perfect balance between being a mentor, guiding the child to the path of success and a friend, constantly encouraging and expressing belief in the child. A parent must remember to let the child play the game independently but must silently support the little child through his struggle in this competitive world.

Parents in search of information constantly look for platforms that can provide them quick access to relevant information and facilitate a dialogue between schools, parents, students and the EdTech world.

This constant struggle between managing the home front, work life and raising the child in the best possible manner takes the life out of every parent. In such a situation, easy and timely access to information online is the need of the hour.

Easily accessible information is a saving grace for several parents looking to impart the best in education to their children in the most convenient manner.

Studyapt is one such hassle free platform with immense access to all essential information related to schools pan India. It is an informational initiative undertaken to provide all essential information at a single click of the button. It connects the who`s who of the educational world to parents, students and educators to ensure convenience and ease in education. Studyapt facilitates parents with adequate information about popular schools across India, their contact details and educators. This is an online search platform that initiates communication and provides parents a fair chance to take important academic decisions for their children.



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