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StudyApt is the India’s largest school search web portal with connecting schools and students in way which has never been done before.


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StudyApt is the India’s largest school search web portal with connecting schoolsand students in way which has never been done before. Our school engine is apowerhouse of school search with Pan India listing that offers comprehensiveschool information about some 1.4 million schools across India.

With Studyapt, parents and students searching schools can access schoolinformation all around their location, explore its varied features, including schoolreviews and credentials with unmatchable perspective that powers theirawareness to rethink on choosing right school. Likewise, It’s a powerful tool forschools enabling them to reach the students and expand the school visibility gridin the country. The value addition is a quick web access along with special featureto create we pages and own them with direct access and control like an instantwebsite.

In an era where digital presence and promotions are the forefront of promotioncampaigns is a handy, tech-savvy and one point solution for schoolsto manage digital marketing in a dynamic and yet cost effective manner.

Welcome to the world of schools, students and parents!

StudyApt is the online meeting point for students to quickly and easily findrelevant information about education institution across the 29 States & 7 UnionTerritories in the country. StudyApt portal is a repository of authentic, relevantand reliable information of 1.4 millions schools, 10,000+ colleges and all theUniversities of India. The portal has also took the initiative of gathering the qualityCoaching Institutions data on PAN-India scale to help students to find them bestcoaching center in their vicinity, it will help the students to remain in the levelplaying field in this time of the great competitiveness and also helps the them tocrack the national level, state level and other competitive exams for seekingadmission in the top institutions in India for better future. Students get apersonalized experience on StudyApt, based on their education-background andcareer interest enabling them to have institution choices for seeking furthereducation for better future.

StudyApt empowered the education seekers with easy access to detailed andrelevant information on Schools, Colleges, Coaching Centers, Competitive Exams,Entrance Exams, admission criteria, eligibility, fees, reviews, scholarships, latestupdates or news etc.

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